Urban Alignment

The Obelisk of the Veterans Memorial Plaza, the Indiana World War Memorial, and the Salesforce Tower aligned as seen from the southern end of the American Legion Mall.

InyWMPlazaMapThe Indiana War Memorial Plaza spans five city blocks across the heart of Indianapolis and was conceived in 1919 to honor Indiana’s World War I veterans, and evolved in to housing the Headquarters of the American Legion as well as memorials to America’s other wars including World War II, Vietnam and Korea. The War Memorial Plaza stretches for five city blocks from St. Claire Street in the north to New York Street in the south, between Meridian and Pennsylvania Streets to the West and East respectively. From north to south the Plaza is composed of the two blocks long American Legion Mall, Veterans Memorial Plaza (Obelisk Square), Indiana World War Memorial, and University Park.

Sitting at the center of the Veterans Memorial Plaza is a 100 feet tall, Egyptian style Obelisk made of black granite. This monument was completed in 1930, and was erected to honor the veterans of Indiana.

On the next city block, just south of Obelisk Square, sits the Indiana World War Memorial. Designed by Walker & Weeks Architects it is the centerpiece of what evolved in to the War Memorial Plaza, and was dedicated in 1933 as a memorial to WWI veterans. The building was modeled after the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, and contains the Indiana War Museum.

Salesforce Tower, rising from the northeast quadrant of Monument Circle is the tallest building in Indianapolis. Opened in 1990 as Bank One Tower, the building was designed by KlingStubbins to match the design of the Indiana World War Memorial building with which it lines up within Indianapolis’ city grid.

Shot with iPhone6, edited with instagram (@jasongok)


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